The all-in-one Application for Randomized Controlled Trials and Electronic CRFs.

CrfKit is a web application to create study protocol driven eCRF and collect the study specific data.

Improve data quality by designing your own eCRF with custom sections. Facilitate and simplify data analysis translating the protocol into standard questionnaires.

Create flexible customized electronic case report form to record all of the protocol.

How it works

Incredibly easy to use

eCRF generationDesign your eCRF and select the Centers involved

Collect dataMonitor the Trial data progression

Data analysisExport your data and start the analysis


Perfect for your researches

Secure, easy and web-based

Role-based and user-friendly also for non-tech people, with CrfKit platform you can generate designed data entry fields that follow best practices of CRF designing.
All the data are safe in cloud and accessible from everywhere without installing softwares that require hard training.

Library of Templates

CrfKit allows you to save templates for further Trials.
These templates are of great help while conducting multiple studies in the same research area. They will have the same design principles that help the user to enter data with ease since the design is familiar to them.

Avoid Errors

Data entry can be done with zero/minimal errors since chances of error during data transfer from the source document to paper CRF are common.
While designing an eCRF, repetitive data such as protocol ID, site code, subject ID, and patient initials will be generated by the system automatically and data-entry edit checks prevent the input of wrong data.

Less-time Consuming

Designing a paper CRF is a tedious job that could result in data errors and wrong conclusions.
With CrfKit you can design your own eCRF and add custom sections in accordance with the study protocol compliance.
Majority of data cleaning activities will take place during the completion of the eCRFs, thus reducing the time and effort required by data management personnel.

Smart to Export

Collect data from each participating site and export file directly on the desired format in order to help the statistician in data interpretation and analysis. Make capture, legible, consistent and valid data and reduce query generations.


Be notified when special events occur : when the randomization is assigned or when specific steps are completed the system alerts the admin and the Centers involved so that the Trial can advance.

Custom Sections

Create your custom component to add it to your library to design a perfect eCRF that fits the study protocol.
Drag and drop the sections in the preferred order and set the properties for each component to design a CRF that considers all the phases.


Manage large multicentric studies at the same time due to the ease of administration.
Supervise the progress and result of the study from your control panel.
CrfKit provides cost-efficient scalability and access to collected data from each Center in real time.


According to the size of your study group, of your Center, of the people and Sponsors involved, you can activate an account scope either if you have to make a research for your study protocol or if a Sponsor has to direct a world-wide clinical trial research.

Graphics and Diagram

We can customize data to export and if you need to create graphics and diagrams to present the result of your research or to send clear clienical outcome to the Sponsor we can custmoize the export format according to your needs.

A cleverly designed eCRF is like having your own scientists permanently present at the clinical sites.

Investigators, site coordinator, study monitor can use CrfKit to design eCRFs customized to address the needs of all users: data can be organized in a format that facilitates and simplifies data analysis.

With CrfKit you can create functionalities that match the needs of your particular protocol.

Patients that live far from the Centers involved or that can’t move for health problems can participate to Trials and answer questionnaires.

Patients with their own devices (iOS or Android) can collect data throughout the day.

The app increases patient engagement and helps collecting data with notification and reminders. Ideal for phase IV trials which envolves larger patient populations the app simplify data collection and reduces study duration.

Take clinical data quality to a new level

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